Dungog Region Horseshoe Drive

Tocal, NSW, Australia; Paterson, NSW, Australia; Vacy, NSW, Australia; East Gresford, NSW, Australia; Sugarloaf, NSW, Australia; Dungog, NSW, Australia; Clarence Town, NSW, Australia
Est. 82.6km / 1 hr 48 mins / Map

Travelling along the Horseshoe Drive through the villages and towns in the Dungog Region of the Hunter Valley, NSW is an ideal way to experience the area’s unique charm and history. Coined ‘Horseshoe’ for the shape of the route, and the horses that played a pivotal role in the history of the region, you can opt to enter from the south for a round trip or enjoy the full circuit.

Dungog Region Horseshoe Drive - Cya On The Road

This trip is brought to you by Dungog Regional Tourism Incorporated.

For more tourism information about the Dungog region check out the visitdungog website

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