Explore Tasmania's 6 oldest pubs: A self-guided adventure

New Norfolk, TAS, Australia; Hobart, TAS, Australia; Queenstown, TAS, Australia; Ross, TAS, Australia; Pyengana, TAS, Australia; Rosevears, TAS, Australia
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Tasmania, with its rugged beauty and stories etched into every stone, holds a secret: its time-weathered pubs. These venerable establishments have witnessed generations of laughter, whispered secrets and clinking glasses.

Explore Tasmania's 6 oldest pubs: A self-guided adventure - Cya On The Road

Tassie's beer divide is also legendary: James Boag loyalists in the north, Cascade lovers in the south. Try both brews as you hop from pub to pub. Debate their merits with your fellow travellers. Maybe, just maybe, you'll find where Tasmania's heart really lies - in the clinking of glasses, the warmth of camaraderie and the timeless stories spun over a pint.

So, adventurer, raise your pint and step into Tasmania's past. The 6 pubs await, their wooden floors creaking with anticipation. Here's to history, mystery and the spirit of exploration!

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