Audio Tours in Ancón, Panama

January 9th, 1964 - Cya On The Road

January 9th, 1964

Ancón, PA-8, Panama

9 stops / 1 km

You are in one of the most important areas within the former Canal Zone, a territory that was ruled by the United States for almost one hundred years.  Learn about life in the Zone in this audio ... details

The road to sovereignty - Cya On The Road

The road to sovereignty

Ancón, PA-8, Panama

12 stops / 2 km

An incident involving teenagers in January of 1964 changed the history of Panama and the United States forever.  If you want to know what happened, this audio guide is for you. This is one of th... details

A peaceful protest - Cya On The Road

A peaceful protest

Panama City, PA-8, Panama

13 stops / 3 km

On the sunny afternoon of January 9th, 1964 a group of students from Panama’s National Institute marched towards the US-controlled Canal Zone to reaffirm Panamanian sovereignty over this territo... details

Campus Stories - Cya On The Road

Campus Stories

Ancón, PA-8, Panama

13 stops / 261 metres

Learn about our garden´s incredible history using your smartphone.  ... details

City of Knowledge - Cya On The Road

City of Knowledge

Ancón, PA-8, Panama

17 stops / 3 km

Welcome to the City of Knowledge, an innovative community that drives social change through humanism, science, and business. We have transformed a former U.S. military base, with an area of 120 h... details