Abbotsford Heritage Walk

Abbotsford, VIC, Australia; Melbourne, VIC, Australia; Richmond, VIC, Australia; Collingwood, VIC, Australia
Est. 6.7km / 2 hrs 33 mins

The Abbotsford area was traditionally part of the lands of the Wurrundjeri people of the Kulin nation. With the European settlement of Melbourne from 1835, the land along the Yarra River became a site for early homesteads, such as The Rest and Abbotsford House, but soon saw the development of noxious industries on the river banks.

Abbotsford Heritage Walk - Cya On The Road

In more recent years many of these locations have been replaced by large scale residential blocks. Abbotsford was part of the City of Collingwood from 1855 to 1994.

A walk through Abbotsford now shows glimpses of the original riverside bushland, early industry and 19th century settlement as well as the diversity of more recent settlers such as the Vietnamese community.

This tour is based on Yarra City Council's data.

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