Migration as Art Museum

Conzano, Piemonte, Italy
Est. --- / 58 mins

Migration as Art Museum - Cya On The Road

We're proud to introduce you to Longitude-Latitude: Migration as Art created by Australian artist Stephen Copland. The archive represents two decades of art interpreting themes of migration: migration for family reunion, the migration of asylum seekers and a personal migration for work. The Migration Series (1992-2002) describes the discovery of the artist’s Cuban grandmother’s diary that led to a decade of national and international exhibitions into heritage and identity. The second series, “Raft-The Drifting Border” (2004-2014) is the artist’s interpretation of the darker side of migration and refugees seeking asylum in Australia. The third series titled, “Transit” (2007-2013) is a series of artworks that interprets the symbolic and subjective aspects of identities in transit in a globalised world. The archive develops a narrative between personal stories, identity and political observations over two decades. Open or download the guide and discover the stories behind this unique archive of artworks.

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