Los Angeles Center for Digital Art

Los Angeles, CA, United States
Est. --- / 16 mins

Los Angeles Center For Digital Art is dedicated to the propagation of all forms of digital art and the vast panorama of hybrid forms of art and technology that constitute our moment in culture. We are committed to supporting local, international, emerging and established artists through exposure in our gallery. We have an ongoing schedule of exhibits and competitions, produce editions of wide format archival prints, and collaborate in the production of digital artworks in our studio. As well we are engaged in curating digital exhibits at institutions, conferences and festivals outside of the LACDA gallery schedule.

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art - Cya On The Road

Rex Bruce is the founder and director of Los Angeles Center for Digital Art. He founded the digital program at Artists Television Access in San Francisco for which he curated exhibits and created curriculum. He received his masters from San Francisco State University in Interdisciplinary Art where he also taught and developed curriculum for many years. Known for having organized hundreds of exhibits, performances, musical events, guerrilla happenings, and screenings, Rex Bruce has been active in computer related arts since the early 1980’s. Most recently he has emerged as a significant organizer in burgeoning downtown Los Angeles as well as becoming a leader in the growing international scene revolving around art and technology.


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