Deventer: the ancient gem of the IJssel river

Deventer, OV, Netherlands
Est. 2.7km / 53 mins

Deventer: the ancient gem of the IJssel river - Cya On The Road

Deventer is an ancient city found in 768. It is located in the heart of the Netherlands, on the left bank of the picturesque IJssel river. Population of Deventer amounts to almost 100,000 people; it used to be a home to such famous residents as Desiderius Erasmus, Geert Grote, Gerard Ter Borch and others. In the Middle Ages Deventer used to be a major merchant town, using the benefits of the natural harbor of the IJssel river, later on it became a powerful industrial center, producing bicycles, carpets, tins and cans for food and drinks, cigars, textiles, foundry and heavy machinery. Some of those businesses are still operating nowadays; as well, Deventer hosts the Saxion University of the applied sciences, thus being a home to many international and Dutch students.Although Deventer is not as famous as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and other major Dutch cities, throughout its long history the city has experienced and saved traces of numerous important events. The tour "Deventer: an ancient gem of the IJssel river" will give you the most essential and thrilling information: historical facts and figures, legends and fables, as well as some relevant information about the nowadays activities. You will be guided by Julia, the international student studying in the Netherlands, and by Jos - the former professor of the Society and Culture, top-ranked expert in Deventer history. Don't be surprised, sometimes they might argue and disagree, which is quite common between students and professors. Don't forget to bring your camera, comfortable shoes and a bag for shopping and souvenirs. Enjoy your tour!

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