Gosford Re-Discovery

Gosford, NSW, Australia; Central Coast, NSW, Australia
Est. 708m / 14 mins / Map

Gosford Re-Discovery - Cya On The Road

Gosford is the main CBD for the Central Coast, with a long & rich community driven cultural heritage. The Council has been sourcing proposals and have undertaken discussions to enhance both the waterfront and the CBD for many years and is slowly working through the finer details that will bring people back into the community and improve revenue of a once thriving region.This walking tour is in line with Councils Heritage strategy Implementation and looks at key areas of change and development that has made the coast what is today.The tour starts at the waterfront where early settlers would have commuted to and from Sydney and is the most developed location so far. We will move to the sporting arena which reflects the sporting mad town that locals are known and represented widely. From up to the Leagues Club symbolising Community values, Hospitality and Entertainment. This will lead up the current development on the waterfront the Ray Meher field up to the new Tax office to find Heritage walk and the oldest buildings, down to the church and across to the Memorial Park for a further reflection on sacrifices made by all.We will then go down the stairs to Poppy Park where Gosford marked the one hundred year anniversary with a sea of colourful crocheted poppies, and last but not least to the pier, now Coast bar will you might want to finish your walk with a beverage in our sail inspired bar and restaurant.I hope you enjoyed this small tour.Thank you on behalf of Central Coast Gosford.. nbnnews.com.au 

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