Bathurst: From Railway Boom to Chifley’s Home

Bathurst, NSW, Australia; South Bathurst, NSW, Australia
Est. 2.8km / 1 hr 29 mins / Map

Bathurst is more than just a charming country town. It's also a place where history comes alive. From the 1860s, Bathurst boomed with the arrival of the Great Western Railway and the flourishing of western wheat-growing. This led to the rise of Milltown (South Bathurst), a vibrant community of railway and mill workers and their families who built their own pubs, shops, schools and churches.

Bathurst: From Railway Boom to Chifley’s Home - Cya On The Road

Traces of Milltown's heritage and culture can still be seen today on this self-guided walk. This tour takes you from Bathurst Railway Station, a stunning example of Victorian architecture that served as a gateway to the West, to the Chifley Home, the modest home of one of Australia's most influential Prime Ministers, Ben Chifley. Along the way, you'll hear about the people who have shaped Bathurst's past and present and see the architecture and landmarks that tell their stories. Whether you're a history buff or just curious, this walk will give you a new perspective on Bathurst and its hidden gems.

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