Historic Bathurst Walking Tour

Bathurst, NSW, Australia; South Bathurst, NSW, Australia
Distance: 3 km
by Karolina Foster

By the 1860s Bathurst had experienced considerable expansion and growth. The building of The Great Western Railway Line and later establishment of Railway Workshops provided jobs for over a thousand men.

Historic Bathurst Walking Tour - Cya On The Road

As the railway expanded agricultural country was opened up and the west became a large wheat-growing area leading to demand for both commercial and residential land close to the rail and flour mills. By the late 1800s, the Milltown community had sprung up with its own pubs, stores, police station, schools and churches. The mill and railway workers and their families gave the area its own identity and character.

The working-class atmosphere has disappeared but reminders of the Milltown community and its former residents can still be glimpsed today through this self-guided walking tour.

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